Welcome Providers!

Premier Physical Therapy & Sports Performance has been blessed to work with over 300 doctors and attorneys and their patients/clients in the greater Las Vegas and Henderson areas. 

It is our mission to provide you with the results you desire and the physical therapy experience your patients/clients deserve. 

Why should I refer to PREMIER physical therapy?

We are here to make your job easier:

  • We call the physical therapy patient within 24 hours to get them scheduled
  • We call and confirm benefits and eligibility
  • We take care of submitting prior authorization for physical therapy
  • We send the physical therapist's initial evaluation, progress notes and discharge report
  • We inform you if we are unable to get the patient scheduled for physical therapy
  • ​We maintain open communication with regard to the patient's progress in physical therapy

We are dedicated to our patients rehabilitation:

  • We strive to ensure each patient has an excellent experience
  • We build relationships with our patients and create a family environment
  • We design individualized programs geared to each patient's specific needs and abilities
  • We motivate our patients and give them something to look forward to each time they attend physical therapy
  • We educate our patients on the importance of rehabilitation and what it can do for them
  • ​We walk our patients through their exercises and educate them on the benefits of each exercise

Premier Physical Therapy is here to serve you and your patients/clients. If you would like to refer someone, please call our office or fill out and fax the referral form below. We will take care of the rest!


Referral Form (pdf)